A fresh start for the HP30 Class


The RORC Rating Office has offered to give the HP30 Class professional, independent technical support, with the class rule and other technical class management matters.

A fresh start for the HP30 Class

The RORC Rating Office has offered to give the HP30 Class professional, independent technical support, with the class rule and other technical class management.  The Rating Office team supporting the class includes the Rating Office Director Jason Smithwick, Carole Abbott and Andrew Yates.

Originally setup in 2016, by Joe Hall and Jochem Visser, the class was defined for boats with certain performance characteristics, including a displacement of less than 2,200Kgs and fixed centre-line bowsprits, with asymmetric spinnakers and a minimum TCC of 1.050.  In the first season, the fleet comprising FarEast28s, Farr280s, Farr30s, Open 7.5 and Seascape27s, achieved up to nine boats on the water at a number of events.  Despite there not being any HP30 racing this season, the same boats came together once more at  Cowes Week, racing in the mixed sportsboat IRC fleet and enjoyed some close competition and it is with this in mind and with demand from existing owners to find a way to kickstart the programme and get HP30 Racing back on the water for next year.

“We are delighted to be able support the owners and crews who race on these exciting boats,” comments Jason  Smithwick, Director of Rating.  “With effective management, a well-represented owner’s association and good technical support the HP30 Class has the potential to provide high performance mixed fleet racing underpinned by the IRC rating rule. The rating office has many years of expertise in technical class management and we would be pleased to provide this service.”

In addition to the technical support provided by the RORC Rating Office, the class will be run by the owners association, which is in the process of being formed.  Joe and Jochem will continue to providing marketing and administrative support and are in the process of pulling the committee together.

“It was tough starting this class,” says Joe Hall, “but maintaining it is the key and hopefully, RORC Rating's professional support and expertise, will make a big difference for everyone: owners, organisers and administrators.  I am looking forward to the future and to seeing some exciting racing on the water."   

Currently, 2018 HP30 Class starts have been offered at RORC’s Easter Challenge and Vice Admiral’s Cup events, as well as at Poole International Paints Regatta and Lendy Cowes Week.  In addition, the HP30 Class is seeking interest from yacht clubs interested in providing starts, for these types of boats.  Over the course of the next month, the rule will be finalised and the committee setup and a programme of racing put in place.  Further information for ones and competitors will be available on the HP30Class website and social media pages in the near future.





HP 30 Class enquiries:  secretary@hp30class.com 

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A fresh start for the HP30 Class


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