HP30 Class Development 2017


Spring update on recent rule amendments, pre-season 2017 international developments and 2017 schedule.

HP30 Class Development 2017

Despite the relatively small number of boats competing in HP30, the ‘class’ has generated significant discussion and interest within the sailing community. 2017 and beyond looks increasingly positive, with more new boats and new fleets starting in both Europe and further afield.

To further support the growth of the class, we are keen to make the HP30 class work on a number of popular rating platforms, including IRC & ORC.   We will experiment with scoring the HP30 fleet under a combination of IRC & ORC ratings as well in line with the recent initiative for the upcoming 2018 ORC & IRC World championships. If requested, all UK HP30 IRC rated boats will also be issued, under the class authority with an ORC rating.

Speed Ratio

IRC continues to struggle to rate the sub 40’ foot light displacement boats in a way that does not encourage boats to slow down their trademark performance characteristics.  We therefore felt it important to introduce a speed ratio and in October we took advice on this, from the Rating Office and published an LH/TCC ratio.  Unfortunately, the 2017 rating changes we had expected to see for this typeform of boat did not materialise and so we have had to make an additional minor change to the method.

Because the HP30 Class has to cope with a reasonable difference in boat length, within the fleet, we have therefore decided to use a TCC^2/LH ratio rather that the TCC/LH ratio, advised by the Rating Office in October. The TCC^2/LH is less length sensitive and makes it easier for some of the existing HP30’s to speed up to meet the rule, through some minor changes.

The minimum TCC^2/LH will therefore be 0.125 and for those boats which raced in the 2016 circuit there will be a grace period until January 2019 where they will only have to meet a min ratio of 0.120.

Max Displacement

In order to widen the class and allow a number of new designs to join the programme, the maximum displacement has been increased to 2,200kgs.  This will enable a number of new designs to enter the programme, including the MC31 and FE31R – both high performance race boats.

By way of a summary therefore the main elements to the rule, for the 2017 UK season are as follows:

IRC measurement basis for boats

LOA 9.7m existing boats

LOA 9.55m new boats

Max Displacement 2,200Kgs

TCC^2/LH min ratio 0.125 new boats - for those boats which competed in the 2016 HP30 circuit this ratio will be 0.120 until Jan 2019 (Grace Period).

2017 Events Programme

With the rule now finalised we will push forward with plans to encourage Class starts at as many events as possible as well as re-contacting teams wanting to take part, to establish how many boats will be competing and at which events.

Final event schedule to be confirmed.

29, Apr - 30, Apr, 2017           Spring Regatta - Royal Southern YC                                 

14, Apr - 16, Apr, 2017           RORC Easter Challenge

19, May - 21, May, 2017        Vice Admiral’s Cup                                           HP30

10, Jun - 11, Jun, 2017June Regatta – Royal Southern YC                           HP30

23, Jun - 25, Jun, 2017                       IRC Nationals

01, Jul, 2017                           Round the Island Race

22, Jul - 23, Jul, 2017             HP30 Class Championships – Royal Southern YC           HP30

29, Jul - 04, Aug, 2017                       Cowes Week                                                             HP30

24, Aug - 27, Aug, 2017         Dartmouth Regatta

09, Sep - 10, Sep, 2017         September Regatta – Royal Southern YC             HP30

14, Oct - 15, Oct, 2017           Hamble Championships – HRSC                           HP30

HP30 denotes point series


To get in contact with the HP30 Class, please email:

Jochem Visser - info@theuksba.co.uk

Joe Hall – joe.hall@activateswitch.com

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